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Training Title: Research Manuscript Writing Training

Training Date: April-12, 2023

Resource Person: Associate Professor Kshitij C. Shrestha, Ph.D. IOE Pulchok Campus

Organizing Team: Mr. Prakash Neupane (Program Coordinator), Er. Abhash Acharya, Er. Prasanna Adhikari, Er. Neeraj Bhandari

Introduction: On April 12, 2023, a training program titled "Research Manuscript Writing Training " was organized at Aryan School of Engineering in Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. The training was designed to help the faculty members of different engineering colleges of Kathmandu Valley to improve their research manuscript writing skills. Associate Professor Kshitij C.Shrestha, PHD, facilitated the training.

Training Overview: The training was conducted by Aryan School of Engineering under faculty development program in order to enhance the research Skills of Teaching faculties of different engineering colleges. The program was informally started with welcome speech from Prakash Neupane welcoming the teaching faculties of different engineering college of Kathmandu valley. Mr Neupane focused of essence of program, its effectiveness in research interest of faculties and helping students for involvement in research writing.

The training program started at 2:00 PM and lasted until 5:25 PM. The program started with registration, followed by a welcome speech by Mr. Prakash Neupane. The training program consisted of two modules.

Module 1: Understanding and Designing Research

In this module, the participants were introduced to the fundamentals of research, different components of a research proposal and research articles, tips for writing various sections of research proposals/reports, and writing and publishing a good research paper. The facilitator, Associate Professor Kshitij C.Shrestha, PHD, provided insights on the importance of understanding and designing research to achieve successful outcomes. Dr. Shrestha Highlighted that for Manuscript Writing following Points should be noted

1. Research Completion: Rethink about the novel contribution of your study to current state of art. . Story telling of Paper

2. Journal Selection: Aware of Predatory Journals, identify good journals based on journal Ranking

3. Journal Review Process: It takes 3 to 6 months followed by Blind Review.

4. Manuscript Types:

  • Research papers
  • Review Articles
  • Short Communication/Letter
  • Discussions Journals: Contradictory view of funding on Published View

Module 2: Structuring the Content and Messages for Presentation, DOs and DON'T Dos in a Research Environment

In this module, the participants were provided with the necessary skills to structure their research articles and manuscripts. The facilitator also discussed the DOs and DON'T Dos in a research environment to help the participants better understand the best practices in research manuscript writing. Dr. Shrestha focused on following major Reasons for Paper Rejection:

  • Content out of Scope
  • Content overlapped
  • Published Literature
  • Lack of Novel Contribution to research Field
  • English error
  • Too Many figures
  • Contradictory findings not supported with data and probable reasons
  • Avoid Plagiarism

Key Takeaways: The training program provided the following key takeaways to the participants:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of research and its components
  • Tips for writing various sections of research proposals/reports
  • Writing and publishing a good research paper
  • Structuring the content and messages for presentation in research manuscripts
  • DOs and DON'T Dos in a research environment

Conclusion: The Research Manuscript Writing Training under Faculty Development Program was an informative and useful training program for the participants. The program provided the participants with the necessary skills to improve their research manuscript writing skills. The participants expressed their gratitude to the facilitator and the organizers for providing them with such valuable insights. The training program concluded with a vote of thanks by the principal and the distribution of certificates and tokens of love to the participants.

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